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"The avoiding substances of any kind is hard but, OK, it's not that hard. It's facing the devil inside you, that's the tricky bit." — Adam

by Fidel Moisés

I saw this show, the 2nd they did in my country (Argentina), and the only one broadcasted live across our country.
Well, what can I say? There are really no words to describe the magic, the passion, the energy, etc. that these four guys can conjure in front of a live audience...
But the REALLY SPECIAL things that happened during this show were:
- Bono's words in the intro to "Real Thing" : "Hola Baires (nickname for Buenos Aires), Che canten! Che bailen! Che salten!...Vamos!!!"
- The intro to "Still haven't found..." : "Thank you for building this...although it costs a fuckin' fortune...it's your cash and this is how we've spent it..."
- At the end of "Still Haven't Found..." Bono pointed at the full-moon in the sky and started singing "Stand by me" ("...and the moon is the only light we'll see")
- During "Staring at the sun", Bono replaced the line "I'm nearly great but there's something missing" for "Maradona...Where are you? I miss you...". And the line "But you never really belonged to me" for "But you'd never really a HAND to see" in obvious reference to Maradona's "HAND OF GOD" in the first goal of the England-Argentina footbal match of 1986's Soccer World Cup in Mexico.
- The end of "Where the Streets" : "Vamos, vamos...Argentina!!!" (the crowd went totally crazy at this point)
- They came out of the lemon in Argentina's Soccer Team T-shirts, and when The Edge kicked in with the guitar riff from "Discotheque", Bono kicked a soccer ball out into the audience, nearly hitting Edge on the head!
- Bono's words on the intro to "One" : "Last night we had the Madres of Plaza de Mayo (on stage)... These women, extraordinary women told me that their sons gave birth to The Madres (the organization)... So, for their sons, and for their daughters, and for your country...your BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY... we pray that you keep it close to PEACE... what you want firm" (At this point EVERYONE in the audience was crying, either because of Bono's moving words, or just because of the emotion and the beauty of the song)
- The show ended with the group performing "Mother's Of The Dissapeared", from "The Joshua Tree" album (which I've always thought to be one of their most beautiful songs), with a giant video projection of the Madres in the late seventies, marching round Plaza de Mayo's square with placard photos of their missing sons, demanding to know what happened to them.
To this day, they still haven't found an answer...

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