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"I think that love stands out when set against struggle. That's probably the power of [War] in a nutshell." — Bono

by Clark Larson

After a long 14 year wait, U2 finally arrived in Utah. Everyone was going nuts about the concert as soon as the concert dates were announced. Someone even put a 50-foot U2 on a mountainside over looking the Salt Lake valley.

After a sub average performance by Rage the intro started and then it stopped and everyone was wondering what was going. It ended up that there was a bomb threat and the security guards had to search the area. Then the intro started again and the crowd went crazy. After Mofo and I will follow Bono apologized for the delay telling us it had been a long 14 years. Commenting on the u2 on the mountain he said "It's a good thing we're not the Red Hot Chilly Peppers or something," (because that would be to long to write. I only put this in because some people don't seem to get it). He also apologized for his voice saying you are singing better then me, but his voice sounded great to me. The crowd was singing along the whole time. An easily sold out crowd of about 30,000 (one of the band's smaller venues) was given a show of a lifetime a show they can tell there kids about.


Other then the missed intro the only problem was the fact that they slaughtered "If God Will Send His Angels" and "If You Wear That Velvet Dress".


All the songs went smoothly, the giant screen and lemon mirror ball were amazing, the crowd was excited, the band was in top form, and there was even plenty of parking space.

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