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"If you're writing songs, there are two things that you just don't want to write about — politics and religion. We write about both. No wonder we get into trouble." — Bono

by Harold Peterson

The concert was delayed for about ten minutes because of a phoned in bomb threat. A caller said that there was a bomb under the stage. Although highly unlikely, the area had been secured for the past four days, the police delayed the show to make sure there was no bomb.

After the band opened the show with MoFo, Bono apologized for the delay, then said a fourteen year delay, referring to the last time U2 played SLC in 1983. At that time Bono was pissed off at his reception and said that he would never return to this City. Going into "Pride" it seemed he was having some trouble with his voice, and as the crowd sang along he commented that we sounded better than he did.

The sound system was extraordinary, as were the visual, and lighting effects. A small airplane was circling the stadium during "Bullet the Blue Sky" as the tower of lights shot upward, the plane flew directly through the combined beam of brilliant light, really cool.

Overall U2 put on a great ! show, however I personally think they should lose the opening act, Rage Against The Machine. It was really hard to sit through their antics.

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