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The good news from our point of view is that [Bono] prefers working on music more than anything else. And also he's unelectable. -- Edge

by Tim Cron

This was my 3rd show of the Elevation tour (2 in Denver)and 10th overall since the late 80's. Walking out of each venue after each show is always the same, a feeling that you've just witnessed something special-that it will be with you for a long time. But more so on this tour than any other I've attended.

It happened again on Sunday night in Dallas.

From the polished new songs, to the haunting "Bad", rowdy "Streets" and raw "Bullet" where Bono shined a bright spotlight into the crowd, this show rocked hard!

How cool is their stage entrance on this tour, with the house lights up and the beat of "Elevation" crankin' loud. A refreshing change from that garish stage production of the PopTV tour. The Boyz seem humbled now,and have remembered that it's always been the music that got them where they are now, not stage productions and flash.

Bono still knows how to connect with the audience. Touching on the tragic events that have occured in the last few months and even stating, "We as a band have been honored to be here playing in your country during this extrodinary time!" How he conveys the feelings of sorrow and finds a way to do it genuinely to 20,000 people still blows me away.

We were treated to a rare acoustic version of "In God's Country" by Bono and Edge. They ought to be playing that version with the whole band-it's a classic from Joshua Tree and deserves a spot on a set list once in a while. Nevertheless, still a treat.

On a final note, if you plan on attending one of the final shows this week out east, make sure you pay attention to "New York". It has new meaning with the recent terrorist attacks and they are blowing the roof off of every arena with the live version. It could pove to be a bigger hit than any of the other songs on the new album.

Don't take to long a break from your next tour boys-you are an inspiration to many including myself!
See you at the Superbowl!

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