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"As a band we have a giant collective ego. It picks us up. Anyway, I don't think I'd be a good bank clerk. Or a hot dog salesman. I might be a good president." — Bono

by telschmack

Wow. The show was unbelievable. U2 came to the stage tonight with some energy. this was my third show to go to this year, and my first one on the floor. i was inside the heart - INCREDIBLE.

It's amazing how different the show seems from inside the heart compared to up high. It really did feel like a club show. Elevation had energy, and the lighting effects for Beautiful Day were amazing at that distance from the stage.

Here's some of the highlights: In God's Country was awesome. Not only did I feel fortunate to get to hear them play that live (apparently it was the "second time in like 15 years"), but they did a great job playing it. The band really brought it all to the table tonight. It was cool to hear Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses thrown in after Bad. New York was great - all hell broke loose about halfway through the song - it was awesome.

Edge whaled as usual.. He seemed to have some technical problems during Bullet the Blue Sky, and really throughout the night his equipment was producting some noticable feedback.. of course, i didn't care - it still sounded great.

Overall, i thought their set list was outstanding, although i wish they would have played (about fifty songs... haha) Mysterious Ways and The Fly. Those songs rocked on the first leg. (Also, a JT-like version of WOWY would be nice, All I Want is You, Running to Stand Still, Angel of Harlem, Desire, Staring at the Sun, Exit, Summer Rain, Ground Beneath Her Feet, Gone, Stay, etc., and The Unforgettable Fire (ok - that's like 50 songs, i know...) would have been awesome to hear - but i'm more than satisfied with what they played.)

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