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"I don't find interviews easy. All the introspection involved isn't good for you." — Edge

by Jeff Matthews

Not much to add, everything I loved about the show has been listed a number of times, the band was as good as ever. My 4th show, and they have all had memorable, unique moments. I will always love this band and all the music they create.

A couple of notes...

A) If you have Upper Deck seats...don't be discouraged, you will have a great view of everything. I think they have done a good job of making all the views good, you don't have to be in the heart to have a great time.

B) I have one point I would make about something that was a bit dissappointing: the show in Dallas was on April 3, and they didn't play the following day. That being said, it would have been nice to hear; "...early morning, April 4, shots ring out..." This week is the 33rd anniversary of Dr. King's death. I just kind of would have liked to have heard it played....oh well, just one fan's thought.

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