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"The first two lines of 'Where the Streets Have No Name' . . . it's this inane couplet." — Bono

by JT Seabaugh

First of all I thought the show was totally amazing, the stage set up, the energy, the set list all came together last night in Dallas.
The Edge was simply amazing once again with the wall of sound he created on "New York" to the searing razor crisp sound on "I Will Follow". On "The Fly" his solo rivaled anything I've seen to date.
The rythem section was awesome with Adam's driving Bass, and Larry's arms looked like they were going to fall by "Walk On".

Now for the RANT!!!!!
I cannot believe the review in the Dallas Morning News by Thor (IDIOT, EXPLATIVE...)
This guy must be dead to say the show was a failure. This guy has the power to reach millions of readers and influence them, and all he can think of is his own Shameless Self Promotion. He wrote this scathing review because he knew the show was great and that he would create controversy. Well guess what??? He did, and every radio station I listened to today was talking about him and his review. THIS TYPE OF SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION SUCKS. The media is powerfull and this idiot thinks it's a toy for his own use. Well THOR I hope your bosses see through you and FIRE you!!!!

It's a shame that such an absolutelly awesome performanse was tarnished by this SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.....

Oh, and Thor, Bono was all the greatness that Bono is all about.

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