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I'm happy to be unhappy. I'll always be a bit restless, I suppose. -- Bono

by Robert D.

I think U2's concert last night in Dallas was absolutely incredible. I think it was equally on the level, if not better, than their POP concert back in Dallas in '97. However, I'm not quite sure what the local newspapers are talking about when they said that Bono sounded "raspy" or sick. I thought Bono sounded just fine. Sure, he didn't always hit the highest notes on some of the songs, but I think he might have done that on purpose for a little audience participation. Besides, I think that if Bono were having vocal problems, then he would have never been able to do such a terrific job on "Walk On."

Nevertheless, I'm troubled about the Charlton Heston video montage where Mr. Heston was quoted as saying that "a gun in the hands of a good guy is only a problem for the bad guy", which was followed by a dramatization featuring a little girl finding a handgun. I mean, I knew U2 was for some pretty extreme causes, but I never really thought that gun control was one of them. To keep from starting a debate on kids and guns (parents, just teach your kids about guns and keep guns out of their reach when you're not around), I think I should just point out that I think it's ironic that during "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Bono interjected an excerpt from Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up", which calls for people to fight for their rights. How can Bono say fight for your rights when he is showing support for an issue which seeks to deny Americans the right to keep and bear arms?

All political issues agendas aside, I still like U2 and I surely think they have reclaimed their position in the music world.

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