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Bono is so in love with his time spent with us. -- Edge

by Lane

"The first time we played Dallas, we were the opening act for a wet t-shirt competition" Bono told the crowd at sold out Reunion Arena last night. Boy how things have changed.

Not only for the band itself but for the fans. I went to my first U2 show with a group of buddies that piled into a cramped car. Last night i went with my wife and brother-in-law, and left the kids with the grandma. Looking around the audience last night, i couldn't help but think how I'd love to have a cut of the baby-sitting money spent. But I digress. The fans, along with the band, are getting older, wiser, and most importantly, better.

The show simply put was amazing. The band was tight. Bono was full of energy. Two hours of songs you know by heart and a stage show that augmented the music without getting in the way of it.

The only sluggish point in the show was Discoteque. It just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the set. Given a choice of songs from Pop to hear, I would have chosen "Please" over this one. But hey, the worst U2 song still beats the hell out of the best Backstreet-Brittany-Christiana-Sync bubble gum song.

"Desire" was a pleasent surprise, with Edge's Acustic, almost country blues sounding guitar. The new twist on "The Fly" was great and a perfect way to end the Main set. Bad was, well, perfect.

The only thing that the Band might want to re-think is the Video between the main set and encore. We are in Texas here. The Conceal/Carry State. I'm afraid the message that was intended to be recieved was missed as people were actually appluading Chuck Heston's statements.

But at the end of the night, after the babysitters were paid and headed home, the stocks were checked, and we finally laid down for rest, The U2 fans of Dallas no doubt relived one of the best arena shows we've ever seen. Due to scheduleing conflicts with the Stars and Mavericks, no more Dallas shows were added, which is a shame. I am sure that many (myself included) are starting to make travel arrangements for another show nearby.

Go see this show when it comes to your town. You'll thanks me later.

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