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"My talent if it's anything is my approach to the guitar by the use of effects, by non-acceptance of the usual approaches to the guitar." — Edge

by Christine Muir

Before I begin on my amazing rant of U2, I must say that I am 18 years old and this was my first major concert. Shocking! But all together breath-taking.

I must say that U2's openning act, Muse, was very good in my opinion. I did not think that they would be able to pull off all of the electronic sounds that they are quite known for around their fans, but they achieved in that spectrum. Even though Muse was fabulous (I'm a little bias because I'm a fan), they were NO match for U2.

As soon as Larry Mullen strolled onto the stage, I was up and screaming his, Edge's, Bono's, and Adam's name. I would not sit down again for the duration of the concert. I must admit that I am a huge fangirl of U2.

The openning song, Breathe, was very good; and as the song transitioned into Get On Your Boots I could tell that U2 was and still are the same fun loving boys from 30 years ago (I'm refering to Bono jumping around the stage like a little kid, fantastic!).

As the concert continued into Magnificent and Beautiful Day I was in awe. The truest moment of awe was when Bono pointed his microphone toward the audience and we erupted into I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. That was spectacular, and not a lot of rock stars know how to make their fans feel like they are up on the stage with the band singing to 80K screaming fans.

Elevation held no less of an impact on the crowd. From my seat in the club section, I could see everybody on the floor jumping up and down to the pulsing beat, I (none-the-less) doing the same thing.

I certainly won't forget hearing the openning guitar part to City of Blinding Lights, which Edge executed perfectly, and which is one of my favorite songs by U2 (I was desperatly hoping that they'd play it, looks like I got my wish!).

The remix rendition of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight was flawless; I loved the way they let Larry roam the stage, playing a single drum, instead of staying stationary all night on his drum set. In fact, the whole band utilized the bridges and the walk-around stage (for lack of a better name)!

Walk On is a song that holds a deep place in my heart, so when I heard it, I about cried. What a beautiful job the band did on that one, bringing out all of the ONE volunteers, very emotional.

As the entire crowd cheered for an encore, U2 came out again to play the sensitive song One; then moved on to play an obvious crowd favorite, Where the Streets Have No Name. To me, Adam Clayton was the star of that song, rocking out on his bass guitar. It was apparent that U2 could hear the crowd throughout the entire song, for Bono would point the microphone at the audience to sing with him on the chorus.

With or Without You was the bands next to last song, and I must say, it sounded just as good live as it did on the Joshua Tree album! They're closing song of Moment of Surrender was fantasic!

This is a concert I will NOT be forgetting soon. It was MAGNIFICENT! U2 still upholds their title for being able to put on an unforgettable show! It was amazing, and I think I did go a little crazy that night.

Have a Beautiful Day U2, thanks for an AWESOME show!

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