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"I basically assume that every single group, or religious community, has a problem, is in some way screwed up. I don't believe that there is one single, perfect spiritual way." — Edge

by Jenna P

My mind is still blown from last night.
The world's greatest band exceeded my already lofty expectations and hopes after spending the last 2+ years studying every book, reciting every lyric, wearing out every DVD of theirs. The understated entrance to the understated exit were perfect for an evening in which 60K+ individuals (and seemingly the band itself) left earth for a few hours.
Just as the previous reviews have said, Bono's voice sounded absolutely perfect as did The Edge's trademark rhythmic, cascading, gargantuan guitar work. The Claw was a bit intimidating (as was evidenced by Muse's slick yet small set) but seemed right in place after Reliant Stadium went all Revival Hour for the opening verses of "I Still Haven't Found...". And the hits just kept coming, as did the surprises. The show's sublime moments were the bits and pieces of "Here Comes the Sun" after "Beautiful Day" which would have made George Harrison quite happy, "The Unforgettable Fire" which resonated just as deeply as it did on its originial LP and when Bono credited NASA astronauts by saying, "to you they're just your neighbors while to us they're heroes".
Show-stoppers "Vertigo" and "Elevation" shook Reliant to its core while the opening riffs of "Where the Streets..." were as gorgeous as one would imagine.
My friend commented that for such a huge venue and set, the show still seemed intimate. And strangely it did. For a little while we were all friends, all family, we were all one.
It was really a perfect night that was capped off by the disco ball hung aloft in the Texas sky. It shone right into the heavens.

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