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"I feel at home in chaos, so the chaos of touring life suits me." — Bono

by Tom F.

BIG! is one way to describe the concert. The Claw is of a size that one is not accustomed to seeing at a rock concert, but it serves to maintain the stage's scale within the Reliant Center. while i personally believe that a stadium show cant replace an arena show in sound or intimacy...ever...., this show came about as close as possible to achieving that.

the set list was Magnificent (although i think the song itself is better slotted as an opener). my personal highlight of the evening was the acoustic "Stuck in a Moment". i dont think Edge ever gets enough credit for his soaring voice and the amazing harmonies that he and Bono create. "Unforgettable Fire" was a welcome blast fromt the past, and once I figured out that it was listening to a technopop version of "I'll go Crazy if..", i was listening to, i rather enjoyed it. Bono's talk of space, NASA, etc. and all of the space references throughout the show made me feel like we really were the center of the universe. very nice touch.

many armchair critics whined about ending the concert with "Moment of Surrender". Again, with my insatiable appetite for Edge / Bono harmony, i loved leaving the concert a little more mellowed out, with the harmonies of the last moments of that song ringing in my head.

Lastly, as much as I truly appreciate the grandeur of the staging, I would also encourage U2 to come back soon, with a simple stage with a great sound system in a smaller venue. get me closer to the band, and i will pay the same ticket price. they can make more money, and we will both be very, very happy.

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