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"At the end of the day, you want to see Liz Taylor with the diamonds. You don't want to see her in a track suit." — Adam, on PopMart

by Mike Bara

What a wonderful, amazing night!
The weather was perfect, the band was on fire and the ambiance was all there. This is by far the best U2 show I have seen, dating all the way back to the 1983 show at the Paramount during the War tour.
No band can fill a stadium with sound and vision quite the way U2 can, and the reasons why were all in evidence Saturday night. From the opening notes of “Even Better Than The Real Thing” to the final strums of “Moment of Surrender,” the show had everything any one could want; soaring melodies, striking visuals, moments of pure joy and high emotion. Shows like this are why we still go see U2, and they are probably why the band still loves to play. Everything just came together in a series of moments that were unforgettable. The brilliant dancing lights of “City of Blinding lights” the “Oh oh oh’s” of “Stay,” the thrilling chill up my spine during the Pavarotti section of “Miss Sarajevo;” it was all there.
I did have a few niggles with the setlist. The band has given up on Breathe and Unknown Caller far too quickly, and Ultraviolet was sorely missed during the encores. A few other clunkers like “Zooropa” could have been dropped and do we really need to hear “Mysterious Ways” and “With or Without You” AGAIN? Not so much. But “All I want is You” was a stroke of genius. Me? I’d probably open with “Discotechque” and drop “Boots” and “I Will Follow,” but all in all it was a beautiful night after a beautiful Day.
Kudos boys.

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