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"I am still amazed at how big, how enormous a love and mystery God is — and how small are the minds that attempt to corral this life force into rules and taboos, cults and sects." — Bono, foreword to They've Hi-Jacked God

by Duncan

I attended last night's concert at Seattle and it wss the first concert that I have ever attended that I walked out in the middle of it. The reasons, a majority of the timeI could only see the band on the video screen and the sound was distorted at times. This will be the last time I see U2 in stadium concert.
I don't understand why the stage had to be set up the way it was for the night. The band members who could walk the stage rarely played to the majoirty of the crowd. When they did show themselves it only seemed like a token appearance and then they went back to the front of the stage to a small portion of the audience.
The instrumental sound was great but Bono sounded mute at times or too high pitched almost like listening to the "Alvin and the Chimpmunks".
I have been to a lot of outdoor concerts but this is the first time I didn't feel like a part of the concert do to not being able to see the muscians with the exception of looking at the video screen. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the screen was extended to its fullest and U2 was totally blocked out. This is when I felt I should go home and rent a DVD of a U2 concert because it would have had the same effect.

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