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I write all the time, and not just songs. I just like stringing words together. -- Bono

by manxman

This was my 10th U2 concert spanning a time period of about 20 years. I bought my tickets back when my ears were still ringing from the October 2009 Vancouver show. Seeing how beautiful the weather was yesterday, I could not help but think back to how rainy it was on the originally scheduled June 20, 2010 date. This was only the second time in all my concerts that I had general admission tickets. We'd never made it to the inner circle before, so along with soul, that was our other goal. We arrived at Qwest Field around 1:00 p.m. and started our long, hot wait in line. I met several nice people including one helpful lady who shared the secrets to her success in getting into the circle in the past. During the wait we were treated to "The Fly", during sound check which I'm guessing they were polishing up for Glastonbury. I met Matt M., from @U2 in line and that gave me hope because he was a few hundred people behind me. I figured he was aiming for the inner circle too, and he probably had a pretty good idea of what time to arrive. So I thought that if I was there before him, then my chances might be ok. We finally got inside around 5:30 and ran over to the circle entrance where we were welcomed inside. The long wait was worth it. We found a nice spot along the outer rail, across from Adam's side, and at 9:00 p.m. the magic started. As they opened with "Even Better Than the Real Thing", I thought this had to be a magical show. It was a beautiful Seattle night, we were outdoors, the band was clearly pumped and I was with 70,000 of my closest friends. I'd never seen the band up so close. During "Beautiful Day", Bono made the introduction standing right in front of us. Our friends in the stands later told us they could see us on the screen right behind him. The video of Astronaut Mark Kelly was so powerful and moving that it gave me goose bumps. One of the best parts of being so close was seeing the looks on the band's faces. It was clear they were enjoying themselves that night and were giving it their all. When the into to "Streets" started I reflected that this was my 10th time hearing it live and yet it was just as magical as ever and made my eyes water with pure joy like I was hearing it for the first time. At the end the band gave each other hugs and I could see the smiles on their faces. It was clear they had given it their all and were thankful for the crowd's support and appreciation. It was a night I'll never forget.

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