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"I laugh when people talk about a U2 masterplan; I think people helped us because they took pity on us." — Larry

by John

How lucky was I, this was a general admin show and almost all the seats were taking when we walked in. My friend and I figured lets walk to the front, and unbelievable 2 people got up in the second row on the left side of the stage and boom we were about to experience U2. I think Dave Herman from WNEW was right next to us also. Well to the show…The Alarm were great, what a warm up to u2. I had listened to the War album a number of times and loved it. “2 Hearts” “Surrender” and “Seconds” were not the singles but they sounded awesome. So needless to say I knew all the songs from War, but I was about to get hit with a dose of songs from the previous albums to this day I consider U2 greatest songs. An Cat Dubh, Electric Co., 11 o’clock and out of control were just awesome. I recall not every hearing those songs before but I was floored by how much I liked them without even knowing them. I thought they played “I threw a Brink threw Window” but never have seen that on posted set list. After that show I was able to get a live tape (yes tape!) of them from a Boston show which I wore out over the following years. Over years I have had a love hate relationship with their music, Most of what came out of “Pop” and “Actung” I can do without, some songs were great but for the most part the tours were not true u2. When they performed the older songs on the last tour it brought back memories of that summer night in June 83 when I first experienced u2. Shows have been fabulous since then, but nothing compares to that summer night

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