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"'Streets' is the gift that keeps on giving. The way it reinvents itself every tour is probably part of the magic — we've never got bored with it." — Willie Williams

by Brad Baker

I know that I echo the thoughts of the many people who have posted reviews before me, but I must say that the show on November 30, 2001 was one of the greatest emotional releases of my life. This was my second show of the tour, third total, and it was by far the best one yet. Unlike the earlier show in March when I was in the nosebleeds, this time I was inside the heart, in the center, about 10 feet from Bono's microphone. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. But enough about me...
The guys really got the crowd going that night. I'll admit that they were not as musically sharp as they were in March, especially Bono who apparently had too much to drink the night before. Despite this, they couldn't have given a better performance, and the crowd could feel it. There really was a connection between the crowd and the band that night; it was evident not only in the crowd's reaction, but also in the faces of the band. More than once, Bono would look at Edge with a smile and Edge would return that smile as if to say, "Can you believe this? This place is ALIVE!" Being close to the stage added to the performance because I could really see the emotion in Bono's face as he sang "SIAM", "Kite" and "My Sweet Lord."
My highlights included:
"Out of Control" -- I couldn't believe it when they began playing this one. I have always wanted to hear a straight "Boy" concert and to hear this powerful song was just a gift. I went crazy during the song and probably annoyed the hell out of people around me.
"People Get Ready" -- Richard, man, you rocked! I'm envious as hell, although I couldn't have performed nearly as well as you did.
"One" -- very moving, especially seeing the names of some acquaintances who died on United 11.

This event was more than a concert; it was spiritual. Hearing Bono's "hallelujah"s and his many prayers reaffirmed my realization that U2 is more than a band; it is a phenomenon that spreads good and decency to all that experience it. I thank the Lord for giving us these men from Dublin.
On a final note (sorry I'm so long-winded), I just want to say what a pleasure it was being with the rest of the fans at the show. U2 fans, like the band, stand out from the rest of the music-loving world. They are a community who look after one another. I got to the GA line around 11:15 and had the pleasure of sitting with Jarret Tilton and his wife, Tricia, who could not have been more friendly. I felt like the people in line with me were my family for that day and I was honestly sad that I had to leave them. There were others too, though I don't remember there names (except Jimmy, who started as the line-cutting police only to become a cutter himself). One guy even read my outline for my law exam! Amazing the things you'll read when your waiting for 7 hours. Anyway, thanks crowd for an incredible experience and thank you U2 for returning to the South. Come back now, ya hear?
Rock on.

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