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"The concept of a boy band is quite bizarre. It's a completely artificial version of the street gang, really." — Edge

by Clifton

"We're one but we're not the same". The words of 'Bono' Paul Hewson never sounded so true. There were so many people witnessing the greatest rock and roll band's finest hour in Atlanta,Georgia. Everyone was different, myself included. We all came from differnt places in the world. I traveled four hours from Nashville, along with my fiance' and two friends. We all had our different agendas. Our interests were not the same. I am sure we were not all of the same beliefs. Our backgrounds were also different, but last night we were ONE. It was like being in church. Joy filled the room. It was pouring out of the four musicians. These are ordinary men, but they give us, the listener, a reason to be hopefull, and more important, thankful for the blessings we have from God. The songs were all beautiful. Even a pure rock tune called Elevation, was beautiful. I could not help but cry, when my all-time favorite performer, Bono, sang those powerful lyrics of "Kite". Of course, we all found reasons to smile and laugh, when Bono pulled a guy out of the audience to play "People Get Ready". Being a guitar player, and just an obsessed fan, I wish that it had been me. Every song they played, seemed completely relevant to the events that are taking place in our present times. From "New Years Day" to "Stuck In A Moment", to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", to 'One" and "Walk On"- not a moment was wasted on mere rock and roll excess. U2 had a greater purpose this night. They wanted us all to know that things will be okay. They wanted us to know that when things seem to be at their darkest, light of day is around the corner. This was the greatest night in my 23 years. Even if U2 hadn't struck a chord or sung a single note, this would have still been amazing. I can't imagine a dull evening just being in the presence of U2.

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