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"Might I put it on record I'm disappointed I'm not on mullet.com?" — Bono

by Aniket

This was my third show of the current tour. The set list was quite predictable (I knew the songs before they played them). No real surprises except for the george harrison tribute which was cool. I saw them at Atlanta during the first leg and then on the first nite at madison square garden in this leg. The first two times i was in the heart but I had to settle for the stands this time. It wasn't so bad even though I felt that the energy was lacking there with some people sitting down during some of the slower songs like stuck and kite. However, a good thing about the stands is that you get a full view and experience a lot of the subtle, but well-planned light changes in the arena. But I would much rather be closer. Also the sound was not all that good....you could hear people talking next to you. If it's a concert the only sound you should hear are the songs.
However, at the end of the night, i was satisfied...it was a good show.

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