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"Where rock ‘n’ roll becomes part of pop music I tend to lose interest." — Adam

by David Olejnik

Spiritual! The entire weekend was meant to be and spiritual in so many ways. With Fridays concert expectations blown out of the water I was wondering how Sat would hold up and what treats they would have for us the 2nd night. Friday nights crew included my best friend again and another great friend and his girlfriend. They were not able to go the 1st night but we pumped them up knowing that they were about to see the best concert of their life. Unfortunately only one two of us got back in the ellipse the 2nd night. I feel bad for our friends that didnt get in.. but like I said the weekend was just meant to be. We decided to go to Adams side the 2nd night to have a different perspective of the show. What a treat to have audience barriers sort of wrap around the front of the stage. It really allows us to get up close to Adam and the band. What a view! Let me know if you have a website and some bandwidth to host some of the pictures to share with all the U2 fans out in the world. Anyway so Saturdays show didnt have as many as the outros that we got the 1st night. We did get a killer I will follow and a beautiful MLK after one. Of course a nod to Mr King. Bono also gave a thank you to all the men and women reporters from CNN that risked their life for new coverage during the war. Soon after wishing Ted Turner happy Birthday. Seemed as though Ted was in the house. It is after all his house. It was funny at one point when the crowd is giving it all back in cheer and applaud Bono says even louder than the first night Except the crowd wasnt as loud and Bono then says Maybe?!? Too funny The crowd was just as into but didnt have that huge long peaking cheer like they did Friday Maybe everyone was horse and couldnt sing as loud the 2nd night.. I know I couldnt. First Time was a treat we didnt get Friday night. Mysterious Ways brought a girl from the audience up to dance with Bono. She was loving it. If you know her, have her get in touch as I have a small video clip of her onstage dancing with Bono.. The night closed with the other song I really wanted to hear.. BAD!!! What a great song and awesome show closer. Included a People Have the Power chant at the end..This continued even after Bono and band left the stage he was still singing in his mic backstage.. The audience matching him word for word and ended an incredible weekend. Thank you so much! The two best concerts of my life. Two incredible experiences It was just meant to be..Thank you!

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