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"McDonald's called, but I think they have a sense of humor. And as I've said, the parabolic curve has no copyright." — Paul McGuiness, on the PopMart tour arch

by Teacher-Comments-Part II

I forgot to add these few (well, not so few, actually) details, about Sat. night's show, to my previous post:
Two of the greatest moments of Saturday night's Atlanta show didn't even revolve directly around songs played.
1)Sure, Bono does his best, from city to city, to customize his comments about that particular city-and much of it is probably rehearsed (there's always the obligatory line "Hello-fill in name of city here" at every stop)...but, his speech, thanking the fans for an amazing life, where he and the guys don't have to worry about medical bills, etc., and how there's this "deal" between the band and the fans, to make great music in return for the life they're able to experience, at least I felt, was very sincere and genuine-and yes, he makes that same speech on every tour stop-but I do feel it's from the heart. (As a side note, I remarked to my friend, while driving back from the concert that "those guys were working hard tonight, as if they really were out to earn their keep.") No slacking was evident on their behalf.
2)The "slot machine" style of images (pictures of Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, the ZOOTV "baby-head," etc.), which was a throwback to the days of ZOOTV....that was brilliant-I could tell and feel that everyone in the arena also thought it was a very cool moment.
Performers like The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney (if they are even considering at this point to continue to play live into their "golden years") need to take notice of U2's unique connection they have with their fans, and wake up and smell the coffee. (Keith and Mick will stroll the streets of Manhattan, but they'll be flanked by beefy "linebacker" bodyguards, who give off the vibes of, "Keep away.")
I can't think of any other bands, operating at the level that U2 does, that come out prior to the show, and chit-chat, sign autographs, pose for pictures, and genuinely care about their fan base. Sure, the Rolling Stones & McCartney will always sell out their shows, but at the cost of compromising their image and their integrity-let's be real-for the most part, no one comes to a Stones' show to hear a new song-however, fans do come to hear U2's new material-people want to hear "Miracle Drug," right along with "I Will Follow."
Thanks for listening-they are truly a class-act.

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