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There's a lot going on, but it's not really on the surface. So in this instance, I think this song was sort of tailor-made for me, in that it's a noncommunication.-- Edge, on "Numb," 2002

by DasSoulman

We went to the Friday show in Atlanta and there was no comparison. U2 was absolutely phenominal Saturday night. We were against the barrier in the very front on the cicle (on the outside) and we could not have asked for a better show. The energy Saturday night was amazing!

U2 started out with their standard first three songs COBL, Vertigo, and Elevation then blew the roof off with I Will Follow. After a happy birthday song to Ted Turner (who was in attendance) and a nod to CNN (take it for what it is worth), the performed an incredible take on SYCMIOYO. It was very heartfelt. The operatic performance of Miss Sarajevo was quite impressive also (espeically after singing six solid month on the road!)

One of the highlights was definitely the performance of MLK (which is very rare). They sang the song to the family of MLK who was in attendance at the show also.

The first encore (after the chanting of "OLE OLE OLE OLE U2 U2" "OLE OLE OLE OLE U2 U2") started with UTEOFW (my personal favorite). They seem to hit this one right on. The played it very hard. Bono brought a girl from the crowd on stage for Mysterious Ways and she danced very provocativly next to hime for the second half the song. This was in leiu of bringing a woman on stage for WOWY.

The remainder of the show was spent at the edge of the circle (to our delight - see posted images). The show concluded on a high note with Bad. This is just an amazing song live and they could not have ended the show with a better selection. That is why they are the best!

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