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"There's a lot going on, but it's not really on the surface. So in this instance, I think this song was sort of tailor-made for me, in that it's a noncommunication." — Edge, on "Numb,"

by Cameron

This was my 2nd show of the tour(went to both Atlanta shows) and 4th U2 show in total. All 4 of the shows I've seen have been here at Philips. Having been to both shows back to back I have to say the 2nd show on Saturday was so much better than Friday night. The crowd was much more into it and Bono's voice was much stronger and I was completely amazed at how well he nailed Pavarotti's part in Miss Saraejevo (sp). It almost seemed as if he made most of the gravelly sound in his voice disappear for that minute or two. Phenomenal show, and by far better than Friday night, and better than the 2 Elevation shows I saw there. About the only things that could have made it better would have been Zoo Station, and getting into the elipse. For Friday night I was at the far end of the arena in the lower deck and the view there is pretty good and no muddiness to the sound as I've heard people in other parts of the arena notice. Saturday night I was just outside the ellipse near the tip and it's considerably louder there than in the seats. Almost as loud as a Metallica show I was at in CLeveland a number of years ago. I can only hope it's less than 4 years before I get to see them again. 3 shows for Atlanta next time!!!! There's more ppl(and at least as many fans) in the Atlanta metro area than in certain other cities(you know who you are hehe) that get more than 2 shows!!

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