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"A game like chess suited me because I was able to put everything from my mind and work with something abstract." — Bono

by Kris

I've seen U2 once before in Europe during the Popmart tour (which I have to say, despite the extravagances and everyone's complaints, was a great show!). Because of that I was really looking forward to Atlanta. We thought our seats were going to be behind the stage but were excited to find out they were not and that we had a great view. However, we were really high up and as a result the sound was HORRIBLE. I've been to arena and stadium shows before and therefore know what to expect (or rather what is possible) where the sound is concerned. This show it felt like there was ZERO thought going into the sound higher up. The bass was booming around the whole place, you couldn't make out anything Larry was doing other than a beat and even when Edge started SBS out of tune. The only clue was the hilarious look of horror on Larry's face on the big screen.

The visual aspect of the show was STUNNING. They managed to grab our attention for the entire show with very basic stage effects (compared to Popmart etc). And the interaction with the audience was as you'd expect.

U2 are still a great live act and I'd say are getting better and better. The only thing I'd be wary of is where your seats are located. I won't be making the trip to Philips Arena again unless I can get floor tickets. Whoever is in charge of making sure everyone who pays their dollars get's to hear a good mix needs a talking to!

At the end of the day though, despite how I felt when they started, I'd still rather have been there than not.

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