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"I am 'David Evans' to customs officials, policemen and sales assistants." — Edge

by Teacher

I've been a fan since the days of "Gloria." I've seen them live several times over the years (UF Tour, ZOOTV Outside Broadcast, etc.)-even though they're in their 40's, they jammed last night like it was '83.
Opening with "City of Blinding Lights" literally brought tears to my eyes.
One of the great things about seeing U2 live, besides the obvious, is that these four amazing individuals are yours to "own" for 2 hours. Everyone knows who they are-they're the biggest band currently in the world-you'll see Bono on everything from Oprah to the cover of Time or Rolling Stone-the band will be rumored to be spending a week off in the South of France, here and there...but for just a little over 2 hours, they're not in Dublin; they're not having a power lunch with the President-they're yours, playing for you in your local home-area arena. Very cool, and very hard initially to take in and comprehend the first few minutes of the show. Never fails: I always say to myself, during the start of the show, "It's actually them!"
If you're a true U2 fan, you've heard this one before, but they're probably the only band that can make someone in the crummiest of crummy seats forget about just how crummy their seats are.
I feel last night's version of "I Still Haven't..." is the best version of that song I've ever heard live, period.
Hearing "UTEOTW" was icing on the cake. They were on fire during that song!
I'm a school teacher in the metro-Atlanta area, and I've got a great story to tell them tomorrow morning!

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