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"We have always been ideologues. We were in the back of the bus reading Bibles instead of Playboy when we were 19 or 20." — Bono

by toomanymargaritas

This was the second time I have seen U2. (The first time during the Joshua Tree tour). Being 20 years older, I wasn't sure how the two would compare. All I can say is that they are 20 times better! They have aged well and definitely sing and play with the soul and maturity akin to those their listeners. We had absolutely horrible seats and I depended on the screen for my views. But that didn't matter, the intensity traveled all the way to the roof and I danced the night away. I was pleased with the song set and thought it flowed well. My only disappointment was the Happy Birthday song to Ted Turner. I expected Bono to speak something anti- American, but he was respectful and even supportive. I am glad he added the MLK song, too.

I am still replaying the night in my head and yearn for another show, too. A definite must for everyone. Way to go, y'all!

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