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[H]ip-hop is . . . the sound of music getting out of the ghetto, while rock is looking for a ghetto. -- Bono

by David Olejnik

It was meant to be! That is the only way I can describe this weekend. It all started as with our crew of 4 waiting in line for the floor. It was me and my girlfriend, and my best friend and his girlfriend that were there to rock with the boys for the Friday night show. As we stood in line to get checked in for floor access I hugged my girlfriend and said lets do this think positive and we will get in the ellipse! Not really believing that it would happen. Well it did and not only did we get in, but our friends got in as well. After jumping up and down, screaming, and all around freaking out we decided to head to the floor for the big dance. I must say I have never felt this elated walking down the stairs to a concert in my life. We showed our wristbands and walked under the stage into the ellipse. Ahhhwe are here. We decided to anchor down Edge side. Going in early really paid off for us. Right up front, ready to rock. Thank you U2 for letting us bring in cameras to capture the incredible concert. Just another way in which U2 is the best band in the world. Institute got things started. I was happy they played two Bush songs. I liked Bush and Institute or Bush 2 sounds pretty good. The boys came out big in Atlanta. Ending the opening smoker City with some adlib about Oh Georgia Oh sweet Georgia Then before Vertigo Bono mentions being in the ATL. Bono says Its ok to flirt we can flirt here Atlanta during the slow teasing Elevation start of the songhe then says it is the last we have of romance at the beginning of the 21st century. Larry Mullen jr then they drop into the huge part of Elevation..The end of Beautiful Day included a Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band and a Blackbird outro. Blackbird was dedicated to Mike Mills of REM in the house. Double Beatles outro yeah I will take that any day. My first Miss Sarajevo Bono nailed the Opera then after big big streets the crowd was going ballistic. I mean seriously one loud and long cheer bono yelling Crazy! over and over only pumping the crowd up more.. it was awesome huge long applaud of appreciation back at the boys.. they soaked it up and gave us all they had in return. After One Bono talks about Edge going down to New Orleans the day before to try and raise money and awareness for all the musicians in the gulf coast that lost their instruments Bono then said they are going to try an old show tune and launch into a great Old Man River very special..very cool The selist doesnt mention it. But it was a full couple verses and just beautiful. A girl name Lisa got to get up on stage with Bono for With or Without You.. If you know her tell me to email as I have a picture of her and Bono. widespreadmusic@hotmail.com Anyway.. very nice Stuck in a Moment.. really special and emotional for my girl. But that just what U2 does. They take you to so many places emotionally and spiritually. At the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday includes the 80s outro Rock the casbar: Bono then sends out a big thank you for Live 8 to Pink Floyd and that Rick Write is in the house from Pink Floyd. Very cool to have another rock legend there to experience the magic of u2 and this tour. And very cool for Bono to shout out and show respect to another legend. Before All Because Of You bono mentions doing a TV Broad cast to Hammald in Canada.. the home of Danieil Langauywhere he was born and grew up.. .and then talks about Daneil producing some of their best albums and about how he was a guide, mentor, friend, motercylce accompieants and occasional piggy back rider. I didnt see any extra cameras but he mentioned it as a TV broadcast. Maybe they recorded that bit. Great loud All Because of you followed with dedication to Danny Boy. Finishing up the 4 song 2nd encore was the beautiful #40. I really wanted to hear this close one of the two nights in Atlanta. Closing the 1st Friday night show with it works for me. Bono pulled up two young boys to work the huge flashlight at the end of 40.. then instructing them to shine it on his back as he left the stagethe boys do just than and place the light straight up in the air all while the crowd is singing how long to sing this song to the top of their lungs man what a great closer. For minutes after the show was over the crowd signing just as loud. I ended up getting a guitar pick which was just an increadible way to end the night.. I am attaching some of the pictures I took Thank you U2.. Oh yeah and it goes without saying that the stage, lights, and entire production was beyond amazing. The setlist has perfectively evolved. They guys are ike no one else in the industry.. love how they are dedicating to being cutting edge in their lights, sound, and production. Thank you for that they are the best.. rock on


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