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"I suppose you could put in the liner notes: 'Please do not mistake Bono for God.'" — Edge

by B & M

After taking a few days to mull over Friday's show in Atlanta, it was nothing short of stunning. Every aspect of the show: the setlist, the guys' performance, and the crowd were spot on (sometimes the crowd was almost more deafening than the band). The only downside for me was my location in Philips Arena (behind the stage, upper level). Don't get me wrong, on this tour, behind the stage is still a great place to take in the show, but let's just say that I really had my heart set on being on the floor. Seeing the show from this vantage point definitely had its advantages though. You can take in the stage visuals better than anywhere else in the arena, and being that high up, surprisingly the acoustics were fantastic.
The highlights from the show are almost too numerous to mention, but let's see if I can pull out a few.
The first 4 or so songs just about blew me away. COBL, Vertigo, Elevation, Beautiful Day were so energetic and fast-paced that it was almost overwhelming. Of course, Bono nailed it on both "Sometimes" and "Miss Sarajevo, " and both were fantastic. Bono's voice could not have been better. When we got to the "heart of darkness" portion of the set, the crowd went crazy. LAPOE (as many have said before) is meant to be a live song, and it might have been my favorite of the night.
The encores were a little mixed up from some of the past setlists I have seen, but none the less it was outstanding. UTEOTW stood out though, and who could ask for more with Yahweh and 40 to close it out.
Overall, it was a fantastic show, and it appears U2 really are at the top of their game. For this longtime fan, this, my second concert was a treat! For my wife, a first-timer, it was an exhilarating and exciting first show. Ultimately it was a great mix of the new songs and the classics from a band that truly does appear to be "just getting started".

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