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"[W]e want everything for our band. We want to be the loudest, we want to be the poppiest, we want to be the funkiest, the freakiest." — Bono

by Melinda

This show rocked! My 16 year old and I stood outside in the GA line for only about 2 hours (most of which was spent on the south side out of the cold). We got in the ellipse and stood right in front of Adam. If you've never watched him (I had not), he is incredibly fun! He grins and grooves all night long! Bono, as usual, was amazing -- and he seemed amazed by the love of the crowd. At least twice during the show, he just fell silent, listening to us scream, and said what an wonderful crowd we were. He seemed genuinely moved. The Spirit was moving in the house last night -- I hope tonight is just as great!

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