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"We grow up with this rather juvenile idea that people who are not like us don't get it — the suits don't get it — but it doesn't make sense anymore. Sometimes the enemy is your own indifference." — Bono

by Gregg

Holy. Crap. So, I've been waiting to see U2 for about 4 years now (I didn't really get into them until the last leg of the elevation tour). I finally got my chance last night and it was more than I could've hoped for.


-The Stage. Absolutely mesmorizing.
-The entire crowd singing the first part of "I still haven't found..."

-Bono's anecdote about his father leading up to "Sometimes you can't make it". "Son...take of those f_cking sunglasses".

-R.E.M and a member of Pink Floyd were in the crowd?

-Bono bringing a kid onstage to move a floodlight around the crowd.

-A girl named "lisa" being brought up to dance with Bono during with or without you. She was pretty cute too...

-The songs. The band. The energy. It was all awesome. Thanks lads.

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