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"I'm a far better singer and songwriter, with all my failings, than I'd ever be as a social worker or some sort of polemicist." — Bono

by virginiap

How do you begin to review a concert like the one we saw in Atlanta last night? My husband, son, and I began our experience at 7:45 a.m. in 30 degree weather in the GA line. We were thrilled when we got into the ellipse and were second "row" right in front of Bono.

From the first notes of City of Blinding Lights this show rocked! All the guys were hitting on all cylinders all night long, and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Bono's voice was fresh and strong. It's amazing how much energy he has. As someone else noted, vocals on Sometimes... and Miss Sarajevo, as well as Original of the Species and Still Haven't Found...were truly beautiful. Edge's guitar was awesome, and his singing as well. He has a great voice, and I love hearing him have more to sing. Those of you who grew up in the 80s will understand when I say Edge did a "Breakfast Club" dance across the stage as he played during Elevation. We LOVED it! Adam was all smiles and Larry even grinned and waved a couple of times. They are both awesome musicians.

Bono mentioned how "crazy" the crowd was on a couple of occasions during the night...and it was. Everyone was on their feet singing and dancing and the mood was electric. Most of us know what it's like to look down at the stage during the concert, but I have to say how amazing it is to stand close to the stage and look up at the crowd every time the flood lights are thrown on! Amazing!

On personal notes, we were really glad to see that Bono pulled up a One Campaign volunteer to dance during "With or Without You". The icing on the cake for us was when our son, John--who is 10--was pulled up to shine the spotlight during "40". It was a class act and very fair of Bono to also pull up Kyle, who had been beside John for the entire concert. If any of you have pictures of John (he was in the yellow shirt), we'd love to get them. We never have to worry that he will be a U2er for life! Thanks to Sarah and Rob, David, and those others of you who made our GA experience so great. Thank you also to "Oklahoma"...so sorry I don't remember your name...for being our pal in the ellipse. Andy, maybe you and your wife will see your son pulled up by Bono in about 10 years... Congratulations! And most of all...thanks U2 for all the ways you enrich our lives and for making memories we will never forget!

Virginia (and Skip and John)

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