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"Some people say that as they get older and/or have a family they mellow out. For me, the opposite is true. " — Bono

by nillahgrrl

Well, it's been 8 years since my last U2 show, and I've been waiting for this one since the new album came out. My husband and I stood out in freezing weather in January and barely got 2 $85 tickets, so we were STOKED. U2 did not disappoint. I won't give a run-down of the songs, but suffice it to say the new songs were my faves, and the version of "Bad" was one of the most emotional I've experienced.

It was truly a diverse crowd at Philips, in age and background, and you could really feel the love in the house. Everyone was so excited to be there, and all had their love of this great band in common. We sat next to a guy and his sister who were 10 years younger than us (we're 28, they were 18 or so), but it was very cool to have so much music in common. We were sharing our binoculars with anyone and everyone who needed them (those of us at the back of the arena). There were also families with their kids, all dancing, everyone knew all the words. How cool was that?

After the last song, "Walk On", which was also a major highlight, we left on a high. Hopefully it won't be another 8 years before I can experience another show like this.

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