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"[My dad's] kind of boring, but sometimes when he drives us to school he wears just his dressing gown, and has the music turned up really loud." — Bono's daughter, Jordan Hewson

by standalonecomplex

As an old Prop member, I was determined to see at least 1 first-leg show... so I ended up with two GA's for the second night. A fellow Prop member (thanks Matt!!!) agreed to swap our extra tickets so we both could enjoy two shows in Denver.

After braving the "lovely" weather with some groovy kids and trashbags in the queue, I was stuck at the outside tip of the shelter behind two fun gals (sadly, one of them had to be extracted from the rail)... which is infinitely better than being stuck behind a couple of tall blokes who enjoy smoking at a concert.

Anyway, I was already jazzed by knowing some of the setlist - but when Adam and The Edge came out with the flashlights for LAPOE... pure bliss and adrenaline were running through my veins for a solid 2 hours.

Sure, I was jumping around during Vertigo, Beautiful Day, and Elevation - but I was screaming like a girl when they "Electric Co." & "An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart." Bono was simply hilarious as he pranced around with his feline poses!

The emotional highlight for me was SYCMIOYO, as my father died of Pancreatic Cancer at 49 very close to when Bono's father died. A flood of memories brought out some tears of sadness and joy - it was a small catharsis for me in a crowd of thousands in Denver.

I could ramble on and on, but I'll spare you all of my nerdy musings. Suffice it to say, the vibe for this show left me craving for more... and that was partially satisified with Denver #2. I'm definitely going to hit more shows than I had planned on seeing. This is a high I'm proud to be addicted to!

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