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I'm not a big CD person myself. I like the crackles. -- Bono

by stephen

Bono, in several interviews over the years, has spoken of the magic that can happen when music is right and that is what U2 strives for and why they keep going after all these years. I've seen that magic on several occassions, having been to U2 shows since the Unforgettable Fire tour. Unfortunately, that magic was not evident last night. Don't get me wrong, it was a good show. Just not special. I didn't get the spine tingling sensation like I always have in the past shows-not even with "Streets." At one point, Bono forgot some of the lyrics to "Beautiful Day."

Maybe it was the crowd's fault. They were loud, but it seemed different this time. The people on the floor were downright rude at times, not budging an inch to allow people to get back to their original spot if they went to the restroom or to grab a beer. There just wasn't a feel good - we are in this together to have a great time vibe, completely contrary to the U2 message. I hope they return to Denver during a subsequent leg of the tour - perhaps the show will be further refined and fine tuned.

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