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"The emotions that are on this record are very abstract, out of focus, fragmented, its words are gray. But that is exactly what it should be." — Bono, on War

by Aaron and RachelSLC

My wife and I flew in from Salt Lake CIty for this show and were definetly NOT disappointed. Lots of veteran fans have really really really bitched about this tour. I must say, however, that I have been a big fan for many years, seen the bad a number of times in different cities, and I really loved last nights show. It has a very different feel than other tours. The highlites for me were the blistering pace that they open with (Love and Peace, Vertigo, Elevation, etc.), also the Achtung Baby trio after the break. I thought Zoo Station and the Fly were solid and funky(Bono even hammed it up for Zoo Station ala Zoo TV), the best however for me was the mosaic effects used during One (so innovative on such a personal level.)

My wife really liked Miracle Drug+Somtimes. The political stuff is par for the course if you've ever heard Bono open his mouth...ever. Pride and Streets mean something different when they are done like they are on this tour. Different in a good way.

We are going in December when they come to Salt Lake CIty (three tours in a row baby WOO HOO!) I guarantee it is worth it. A final not to the complainers... after you have heard the same songs for 10 or 20+ years in concert you might start to think they sound the same or "tired". Just be happy they are still touring and haven't packed it in. Maybe the fan base is old and tired. Just a thought for us old folks.

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