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Adam and I are the jazz men in the band. But the Teutonic Larry Mullen and the Presbyterian Edge always demand, 'No fat. Back to the original arrangement.' -- Bono

by richard morrison

the 360 tour concert in Perth 19th Dec.10 was a very good show. However the electronic base sound was far too strong. It drowned or nullified the brilliant guitar sound of Edge and it was hard to hear the percussion of Larry. It was great when Adam stopped playing his base or it was "tuned" down. I was sitting in the stands, furthest away from the stage but still my ears were vibrating apart from the seats. There is no need to use a sledge hammer to put in a pin ! However, Vertigo and the Streets have no name were brilliant. I do not like rap music but I felt sorry for the Jay z fans - when he was talking on his own it was okay but when the base was going it was not music, just deep throbing annoying noise. Bono please turn down that strong dronning base noise. The sound at AAMI stadium Adelaide was much more enjoyable - you could hear U2 play.
Richard Morrison, U2 fan from Dublin, living in Perth, WA.

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