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by Erling

I watched U2 in Berlin from pretty good seats and the Copenhagen concert standing on the lawn - maybe that makes the biggest differents, but I must say, this was to me actually one of the highlight's of my "concert carrier". Only once have I heard such a great sound (Pink Floyd) in a stadium - and this particulary in Parken, which is rumoured to be one of the worst places in the world to obtain just a decent sound. And never have I joined such a party before.

It looked to me as if the ordience did surrender thinking: "Well, we're soaking wet anyway - let's at least have some fun for the money" - and fun it was.

Standing at the lawn listening to the seats from both side (real stereo :-) ) singing "still haven't found what I'm looking for" - with no music og sound from the stage at all - just going on again and again and again - without ever loosing strenght was awefull.

I really love "Love Peace or Else" and even though it was the same show, it was a total different feeling standing in the middle of everything - and the fantastic sound (not at least the bass was totally heavy and precise) together with the rain smashing down made in rougher than ever.

Despite the rain (or maybe because of the rain??) this really were a night to remember. It was all party, and the new text in "Beautiful day" because of the massive flagging:

See the world in red and white
see thw wikings show thier soul tonight

said it all - this was really the right place in the right time - thank you for some great hours....

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