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"Our time will be remembered by how we let an entire continent burst into flames and stood around with watering cans." — Bono

by beastie

a red hot day in paris..i cant really remember much about the actual gig because of very bad sunburn. what i do remember was how they blew the roof off! this was the best time to see the band. no big screens here. no, just tv sets, about 20 of them around the stage flashing all the graphics.

fav bono quote.
"i bumped into the ghost of jim morrison last night..(crowd cheers).."and he had a message to the people of paris"..(more cheers).."he said, BUY AS MANY U2 ALBUMS AS YOU CAN PERSONALLY AFFORD, AND THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE!"..(crowd goes wild)

dont you just love irony!


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