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"Watch what happens when you see a floor full of U2 fans going up and down. It's incredible." — Bono, 2001

by Kim Battis

Wow! I don't really care what the critics are saying (this is why I am putting my review in ) they were great!

A friend of mine and I came from Boston (drove 6 hours in the pouring rain) to see them play. (and we didn't even have tickets!) Besides having all kinds of problems getting through customs, and having no tickets until we paid face value for them at the show (from a couple who had to leave) It was a great night! Reviewers just don't understand what a band has to go through to make a concert work. (I hated the Gazette review!) No one is perfect!

Anyways, my highlight of the show was ALL I WANT IS YOU and STREETS....They extended a few songs to about 8 min each !. Please was just simply amazing!! When they came in during Pop Muzik, they had to travel the whole length of the stadium! It was great, you could see people acting like a herd of cows (going from one side of the ground area to the other). I just could not believe it! You felt like Bono was in another world when he sang Please and One. I was very moved. The crowd was totally moved. The biggest appause I think was when Streets came on! The crowd sang every song (echoes and chanting through out the night!)

Someone threw an Irish flag on stage at the end of the second encore, and Bono wrapped it around the mic stand (from what I could see) for the last song..! The band was so happy to be there in Montreal, and even said it while performing: This is where the set came from ... and the critics should show some respect and try to understand that they are not God. THEY DO NOT PERFORM MIRACLES! Like Bono says, "We're just a rock and roll band"!

I saw them in Boston too earlier this year, but Montreal was just great! ..It was well worth the trip even though we almost gotarrested for telling CUSTOMS that we were going to see U2, and they said "yeah right" and we had to try to prove it. It was worth it!. Thanks U2! For a band that as Bono says "IS NOT BORING LIKE ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC TODAY"..Chow!

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