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[T]he hardest place in the world for what we try and pull off as U2 . . . is the U.K., where the arts and politics are very separate. -- Bono

by pran macala

Well, just got back from the show. The popular sentiment will be that the show rocked from start to finish. My opinion is different. The show was far from good. In fact, the show was far from average. First and foremost, the sound was horrible. I mean muffled echoes throughout the venue as I had a hard time recognizing Edge's signature riffs. Secondly, the band did not seem lively at all and most of the antics were choreographed. Doesn't the pulling of the girl on stage get old? U2 has not been the pioneers of a rock show we have all expected and I was let down. Were my expectations too high? The same band that bought ZOO TV and Pop MART. I expect first class from U2, and they delivered a sub par performance, a concert piece that focused more on the oratory of Bono than the music of the band. Furthermore, Bono's voice is not what it was. I felt bad for him when he sang Sometimes. He is visibly getting old as Bono has a hard time pacing himself.

Thank you U2 for all the memories, but it is time for me to move on.

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