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"I want U2 to be a band that takes risks. I hate this idea of U2 as a nice safe band. ... The rock rebel thing is very phony." — Edge

by Ian James

This was it - the start of something big. I'd been dragged along to Greenbelt rather reluctantly in the first place. And a Sunday evening line-up of Cliff Richard, Sheila Walsh and Garth Hewitt, whilst pleasant, was hardly earth-shaking.

Then suddenly, in dropped U2, for a storming 20 minute set. I'd heard *of* them. I think I might have seen them perform "Fire" on Top Of The Pops (can't remember if it was before or after this). But this was the point at which it all made sense, at which the spark was suddenly ignited. U2 that evening made such an impression on me that, 25 years later, I still look back on that day as a pivitol one.

The energy and passion of Bono, and most of all the chiming guitars of Edge, were a revelation. Highlight for me was "With A Shout", a song I must have worn out on the tape of the Kid Jenson session from the following month.

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