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We don't want to be in that subdivision called 'heritage,' so we're trying to figure out how to age and not make dull music. -- Adam

by Garrett

I do realize that this show was a couple months ago but I never got around to posting a review. Here's some feedback that I hope you will enjoy. The show was fun. Anytime I get a chance to see U2 in concert I'm extremely excited about it. The anticipation that I have as a fan in the priceless moments before U2 takes the stage is hard to put into words. It's a great feeling. However the sound was very weak to begin with. But of course that's got nothing to do with the guys. I'm glad that the arena was finally able to resolve the issue about three songs in but unfortunately it put a damper on the energy of COBL.
Elevation is such a powerful rock song and I think that it needs to be portrayed as such in every concert. Sadly, it wasn't as upbeat toinite. Beautiful Day was great as always. That's possibly the best song of the new milenium to this point. On a guitarists note, I would love to see Edge bring back the harmonics at the beginning of Beautiful Day. It gives the song a sweet melodic energy.
Gloria was a pleasant surprise. I Will Follow just doesn't do it for me. I don't deny that it brings some significant energy when it's played live but Out of Control cannot be beat. I really missed not hearing that classic.
Love and Peace is a prime example of a U2 song taking on a whole different energy when it's played live. After the concert it was almost as if that song sounded better when I relistened to the album. The credit definately goes to the whole band on that one. Bono's such a great "live singer" a true rarity in music these days. Edge brings his "A" game every night and Larry and Adam lay down the catchy rythms.
Streets is always the highlight of any U2 conert for me. The feeling I get when Edge starts up the spine-tingling intro is a feeling unmatched by any and all other musicians today. It's such a deep, epic song with a beautiful melody.
It's always fun when U2 does a couple encores. This was my second U2 show the first beign right after 9/11. Undoubtedly that concert but especially the encores were much more moving than this one. Maybe it was because they played One and Walk On. At this concert I witnessed decent versions of ABOY and Bad. Fast Cars wa san absolute dud. Nobody knew it! It's not that great of a song. I definately think it was their biggest miss of the night.
With all that said they are the best band alive today. They're even better live. They're worth every penny. U2 rocks and they totally deserved their five grammys the other night well done boys and we'll see you soon.


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