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"['Mofo'] ... became the heaviest song maybe we've ever written. I feel like my whole life is in that one tune." — Bono

by Sikris

I've been to U2 concerts 6 times, 3 during Elevation, and 3 during Vertigo (including May 10th at Chicago). This concert, for sure, rank on the bottom two.

First, the setlist somehow become dull, I really miss Mysterious Ways, or ZooStation for the first encore. The lights, the excitement of watching spaceboy on the screen, Bono's act on those songs in my opinion, elevate the crowd better than the acoustic set. Although, watching they played The First Time was a rare opportunity.
Ending the show with Bad is not anywhere as good as ending it with 40. I remember in San Jose during the first gig, the crowd chanted 'how long to sing this song' for quite a long time till the lights went on. Dont get me wrong, Bad is a great song, one of my fave, but it doesnt have as strong impact as 40.
Bono's speech also became somehow predictable, also some of the pull someone from the crowd become less and less surprising. I wish instead of bringing a girl dancing, they would bring a fan play guitar, or maybe bring a surprise guest like in Vegas.
I also notice how the tour miss Willie William so bad, during Gloria (which I think, along with with Miss Sarajevo, were the highligt for longtime fans), there were a moment where accidentally some of the lights went on and interupting the moment. I cant confirm from where i sit (upper level, accross the stage), but seems like african flags didnt roll down properly during where the streets. Pity they didnt use the advertisement boards for Vertigo as they did on Chicago shows.
The sound was good, although Bono sounded a bit un-energic during the begining of the show. Its nice to see how he gradually got better during the show, and put a lot of snippets here and there (Tora a Sorrento at the end of SYCMIOYO, Rock the Casbah at the end of SBS, Sgt Peppers at the end of Beautiful Day)

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