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Our fans aren't looking for a seamless show. They want it in its rawest state. -- Larry

by Dave

Fan since late 80s, U2 show #4 for me, each time getting closer to the stage. First was popmart in the stands of Arrowhead stadium, then elevation x2, each time closer to the heart. This time, we got the magic 'Vertigo' and proceeded into the ellipse to end up about 6 deep in between Bono and the Edge. What an experience...

I must say watching this show was much different than the others, and in some ways, much more raw. Always been impressed with Bono's ability to fill a huge space and it was eerie, even surreal to be so close to see their very subtle, human responses - frustrations at mistakes or fans or when a song isn't connecting quite as well as they want, Edge's magical hands (one of my guitar heroes), sweat and veins popping out when hitting the high notes, actually, hearing them counting off. Having gigged out a little in past bands, it really put the band in a different light. I guess mean is that they have always been almost larger than life before and this time, I felt i really got to see them as musicians.

Musically, came out strong with COBL - I think the best opener I've seen, and Vertigo killed. I echo others comments that Gloria was a wonderful surprise. Bono clearly wasn't feeling 100% and I felt like they sagged a little in energy in the middle of the set, and yet it was a great show despite all that. I felt like they really fired well on the encore, Stuck in a Moment on. Fast Cars was great. Finally, they just nailed Bad at the end, the 'Wide Awake' bit especially.

I must admit it was almost unsettling initially seeing them as more human than past shows, especially after the sheer emotional power of the post-9/11 Elevation tour. The more I reflect on it though, I think it was the best U2 experience I've had - wouldn't trade it for the world.

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