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"So one of the reasons we invented this entity Passengers, is to allow U2 to be somebody else besides U2, I suppose." — Brian Eno

by Dan Wilson

Yet another great show. There were some interesting tidbits going on. Here's a few things I noticed.

#1) The crew told us Bono was fighting off the flu, and it was noticable. He had the crowd help him on a lot of songs, and his voice sounded pretty hoarse, especially during with or without you. Although he did totally nail the operatic parts on SYCMIOYO and Miss Sarajevo. But throughout the entire show, Bono was noticably tired and struggling, continually drinking waters and wiping the sweat from his eyes.

#2) The Edge was having a BLAST. He was jumping up and down all night during the more rocking tunes.

#3) As previously reported, Bono got PISSED at a fan who drenched him with water during Sunday Bloody Sunday. He was pointing and shouting at the fan angrily, and it was noticable from where we were sitting behind the stage. Which by the way, are amazing seats. You're close to the band, the sound isn't completely deafening, and you get to really take in the entire show. One of my favorite parts of every show is seeing the crowd go nuts, and from that perch, you get to see every nook and cranny of the joint. I loved it.

#4) Everyone from the band to the crew seemed to be in cruise control. The band didn't come out to sign autographs, they showed up at almost 6:30 as opposed to earlier in the tour when they'd show up around 3, wandered in nonchalantly, got the hell out of there asap.

#5) Gloria made the night for me. That was one of the songs I've prayed to hear for a very very long time. When they hit those opening chords for it, it was magical. Fast Cars was also a hilight, although most people seemed unfamiliar with it. It was met with some blank stares, but a lot of the "sexy people from the bay area" still got into it.

#6) During Miss Sarajevo, a large portion of the fans behind the stage all sat down. It's U2! You paid hundreds to see this band to sit down? I refused to plant my butt in a seat when the boys are on stage.

Great show. Can't argue with that.

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