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Our first experiences with live bands were bands that had a political awareness, and it always felt natural for us to include it. -- Edge

by Eddy

Amazing! This was my first U2 concert and I'm just so sorry I didn't see them sooner. I've been a fan since October, when they were touted as a Christian Rock band. SO, since this was my first time, they did no wrong. I realize a lot of regular fans have been complaining about this or that but I was on my feet the whole time, singing and even getting choked up a few times, especially when they did Gloria, brought back memories!! The Edge was amazing and I expect and appreciate when Bono proselytizes, because I pretty much support everything he says and I'm glad a celebrity of his stature is saying it and singing about it and doing something! I thought his I could have sworn I heard the beginning of Party Girl but I was probably dreaming! Thank you U2! Okay, only one criticism, I think Bono veered off and actually sped through One but you can't expect them to know all the words all the time!!

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