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"But it wasn't the songs that were the attraction. It was the energy and commitment to performance that were fantastic even then. Bono would run around looking for people to meet his eyes." — Paul McGuinness, on U2's early days

by Eddy

Amazing! This was my first U2 concert and I'm just so sorry I didn't see them sooner. I've been a fan since October, when they were touted as a Christian Rock band. SO, since this was my first time, they did no wrong. I realize a lot of regular fans have been complaining about this or that but I was on my feet the whole time, singing and even getting choked up a few times, especially when they did Gloria, brought back memories!! The Edge was amazing and I expect and appreciate when Bono proselytizes, because I pretty much support everything he says and I'm glad a celebrity of his stature is saying it and singing about it and doing something! I thought his I could have sworn I heard the beginning of Party Girl but I was probably dreaming! Thank you U2! Okay, only one criticism, I think Bono veered off and actually sped through One but you can't expect them to know all the words all the time!!

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