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"I'm here with the pope of software." — Bono, on Bill Gates

by Irene

"Kiss me, I'm Kenyan"

This night will go down as one of the best nights of my life...no doubt about that. I was the lucky fan of the night, Bono got me up onto the stage during Mysterious Ways and TOTALLY blew my mind away...He led me by hand to the middle of the stage, me not believing this was actually happening (had been a dream for a while), gave me a nice nice hug, and then we started to dance...just like a dream..he started to turn me around, and soon I was facing his back. And then the most unexpected thing happened, he motioned me to get on HIS BACK!! I was totally surprised, and didn't believe what was actually happening. He continued to dance around, with me on his back. I had my arms in the air and didnt believe it. He started to walk towards the ramp with me still on his back; soon we are on the catwalk. And Bono now has one hand on the mic singing, and another holding one of my legs as I hang on! Again, I didnt really believe it! Looking into the crowd on the seat, while getting a piggyback ride from Bono!! Halfway through the catwalk, he put me down (after we began to stager :) and we walked to the middle of the ellipse hand in hand. At the tip of the ellipse, Bono stopped and was singing to the crowd, I was standing there and thought the only other thing to do is to sing and dance as well, and at some point he turned around and we danced face-to-face, before we started walking again around the ellipse. Ask me what I was thinking during these moments, I couldn't really say! Its like you are taken to this other place...the place of dreams...and you can't just explain your thoughts at the moment...or maybe there are just no thoughts...pure ecstacy...

As if I'd had enough with the piggyback ridebut Bono had more in store for this lucky Kenyan fan. We get closer to the stage, walk down the ramp still holding Bono's right hand. He walks towards the right of the stage, where I was initially standing, and the BEST POSSIBLE thing happens...Bono faces me as he sings...She moves in Mysterious Ways..", takes both my arms onto his, gets on one knee...and he gives me a kiss...OH MY GOD!! Ask me how I kept from fainting, I don't know...

It was the best night I could ever ask for from the BEST band in the world! I got so much love from Bono and Adam during the rest of the concert, (we were in the ellipse, first right Adam's side) during One and Streets, and even before Yahweh when Bono gave me the mic and asked me to "talk in Kenyan" (I think he meant Swahili).

How did this all happen to me? I don't really know, I think the time was just right! Like most female fans, it had always been my dream to get on stage, only this was BETTER than any dream I've ever had. I had a sign in green that said, "Kiss me, I'm Kenyan" which Bono saw during COBL and pointed at it and smiled at me, this is when I knew it would be a special night. He kept coming back to where we were and showing lots of love. And when Mysterious Ways began, I was jumping and screaming and just really believed it would happen since I was so close...and it did in the best possible way...


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