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"The soul is much stronger than any technique. That's what we have." — Adam

by Noelle

The best concert. Ever. How can I describe profound communion between the fans and the band? We could tell the guys were happy and the fans were happy in return and the interaction between the 2 was indescribable. Bono, high priest of the church of U2,leads us on a beautiful musical journey.I always love their shows, but this one created a heart-opening for me, I was ecstatic.
When Bono claimed that The Edge is from the future, I looked up to the ceiling of the arena and it looked like the bottom of the UFO mothership.This was wild in a science fiction wierd way.When Bono sang "sometimes you can't make it on your own", he looked like his dad.He channeled Pavarotti in "Miss Sarajevo".I was very moved.The lights and graphics and the curtain of light were all great.This concert certainly took me "to a higher place." Thank you U2, so much, and the local fans for helping them soar so high.Elevation!

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