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"As regards Zoo TV, it's so logical for U2 to do this — I don't think they understand exactly what they are doing and I like that. It takes guts." — Gavin Friday

by Rob

The show was a good one. Seemed to play a few more of the lesser well known songs than typical. Also played some songs in a little different style than what you have on your CD collection.

One gripe about the General Admission tickets. Everything I read/heard said everyone has the same chance of getting in the ellipse, that it doesn't matter when you show up. NOT TRUE.

I had GA tickets and showed up at 8:15pm, but the ellipse was already full and the random ticket scanner had already been taken away. Turns out that the ellipse was full around 7:15-7:30pm. Which means everyone who showed up after that (and you know that was a lot of people) never had a chance. So much for random equality (sarcasm).

So one of two things happened:
A) the random ticket scanner screwed up, which sucks, or
B) it does matter when you show up, that you have to be there before the opening act goes on, and that this info is not noted on the tour info section on U2.com, which also sucks.

I still had a good spot on the floor (15 feet from the top of the ellipse), but I really was looking forward to the possibility of the ellipse, brimming with excitement and anticipation. I've been going to U2 shows since 1985 and this was my first opportunity to maybe get super-close. Getting GA tickets and then not even getting the chance to scan for the ellipse was a real downer.

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