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"Some of my favorite bands have the worst names. Y'know, the Beatles, for God's sake." — Edge

by Brett

Oakland #1 Nov. 8, 2005 "they played One Tree Hill"

After seeing the band earlier on the first leg in April in San Jose, it had been 8 months. For anyone who loves the band, the wait and anticipation can be long. And, I'm clearly positively biased in my reviews as this is about the 20th time I've seen them over a 20 year span (my review of San Jose #2 is on this website).

The one memory of this show that I will always hold dear.....they played part of One Tree Hill. Not only my favorite song, but it had been at least 12 years since they played it last, and has maybe been played 10 times at the most...ever. At the end of the regular set on finishing a tender "One", Bono strolled over to the edge and talked with him for a minute or so. You could see the Edge kind of shaking his head as if to say..."I don't remember how to play it". I would characterize the song as a vocal accompanied with basic chords. But...they played it. Bono dedicated the song to some soul named Lauren...unclear who that would be. It took me a moment to comprehend that they were actually singing the song...and then goose bumps. Bono only sang the first part of the song but for any consistent or long term fan..this is one of those rare nuggets...rare concerts where the band pulls out something truly unique and will be remembered. I advise any passionate U2 fan who doesn't know the story behind One Tree Hill to learn it as it is one of the best of all U2 stories.
As for the rest of the show....Bono clearly feeds of the energy of the audience. This audience was good..the energy was good...but not great. The set list which you can find on the website...is one of the strongest i've ever witnessed. Definately a greatest hits of their tours mixed with the stronger current songs. Highlights would be Mysterious Ways, Still Haven't Found, With or Without You. Miss Sarejevo is really impressive as Bono channels Pavoratti and sings in Latin. Steets lifts the room as it always does. Zoo station is a great reach back to Zoo TV. Bono was on his peace and love message with the string of love and peace, sunday bloody sunday, bullet sequence. In the end, I could go on for hours dissecting the concert..And if you've read this far, well, thanks. U2 shows have a higher plain of momentary existense with all the positve energy and Bono being Bono. When I was driving home from the show, I thought about this concert in the context of all that I've seen. Maybe not the best one...but I left thinking I had just heard the soundtrack of my life, participated in a positive and energetic show, heard my favorite song of all time, and then, was just thankful that our boys can still connect with us on so many different levels. Bless them.

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